Hey there, I'm Ben!

Ameriprise.com Auto Home Insurance

I was a content and site developer for the Ameriprise Auto Home Insurance pages. The bimonthly content updates and hot-fixes were completed using HTML/CSS and Photoshop.


I was a site developer for Ameriprise.com utilizing HTML/CSS and minor javascript.

Thomson Reuters Business Law Center

I was the main front end developer on the first iteration of Thomson Reuters Business Law Center using wireframes, designs and then HTML/CSS.


I was part of a team of contractors to rebuild and rebrand the Target.com website in 2011. I built each image component as itself in a X0Y0 format.

Target.com Missoni

I was part of the development group that launched the Missoni campaign at Target.com as well as doing the live updates as items sold out.


I was the lead photographer for Kyatchi in Minneapolis. All images were used for marketing and social media purposes

Bryant Lake Bowl

I was hired to take photos of menu items for the Bryant Lake Bowl site refresh

Boston Scientific CardioTech iPad App

I was put in charge of designing new pages for the Boston Scientific CardioTech iPad App at Olson when it first launched in 2011.